The powerful bond between humans and dogs is one that’s uniquely cherished. Loyal, obedient, and affectionate, they are truly “man’s best friend.” But do dogs love us the way we love them? Emory University neuroscientist Gregory Berns had spent decades using MRI imaging technology to study how the human brain works, but a different question still nagged at him: What is my dog thinking?


How Dogs Love Us answers the age-old question of dog-lovers everywhere and offers profound new evidence that dogs should be treated as we would treat our best human friends: with love, respect, and appreciation for their social and emotional intelligence.


New York Times Bestseller

“Berns’s book is a beautiful story about dogs, love and neurology that shows how nonhuman relationships are inspiring researchers to look at animals in new ways, for their benefit and ours.”

Rebecca Skloot,  for The New York Times Book Review (Dec. 2013)



“Gregory Berns’s book, packed with solid scientific research and warm personal stories, will set the agenda for future research on the minds and emotional lives of animals.”

Marc Bekoff, author of The Emotional Lives of Animals




Gregory Berns M.D. / Ph.D.


As the Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics at Emory University, Dr.Berns directs the Facility for Education and Research in Neuroscience and the Center for Neuropolicy. He uses MRI to study human and canine decision making and has written three books about his findings.


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