Holt Paperbacks

(August 8, 2006)

304 pages

ISBN: 978-0805081312



In a riveting narrative look at the brain and the power of novelty to satisfy it, Dr. Gregory Berns plumbs fields as diverse as neuroscience, economics, and evolutionary psychology to find answers to the fundamental question of how we can find a more satisfying way to think and live.


We join Berns as he follows ultramarathoners across the Sierra Nevadas, enters a suburban S&M club to explore the deeper connection between pleasure and pain, partakes of a truly transporting meal, and ultimately returns home to face the challenge of incorporating novelty into a long-term relationship.


In a narrative as compelling as its insights are trenchant, Satisfaction will convince you that the more complicated and even downright challenging a life you pursue, the more likely it is that you will be satisfied.


Praise from The Washington Post, Fortune, and the Philadelphia Inquirer

“Nothing escapes the author’s investigative eye . . . Berns’s gumshoe approach to scientific theory offers its own proof that a fresh take on the familiar can be most gratifying.”


“A discussion that is meaty, contemporary and expansive . . . Berns artfully blends social critique with technical expertise.”

The Washington Post Book World

“Berns has given us a fascinating and thought-provoking look at what science knows about finding fulfillment.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

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